Monday, October 17, 2011

to set you free.


no sense of space
no sense of time
no will to run
no will to rhyme

no fire left
to burn your mind
just a silent wait
until you find


the urge to stare
into the sky
to leave behind
and never ask why

but once you're there
what then
you ask yourself
what happens when


the time is right
but right feels wrong
when there is no poetry
in this song

when there is no more
of you left in me
how am i to
set you free?


quite different from my usual work well what can i say? mornings do this to me. they also make me lose the will to punctuate.


Milla Kouhia said...

You have a great eye for great compositions! Awesome :)

rohan said...

Sigh this was a good morning. Train of thought.